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About Show Up Fitness

Show up Fitness is a multifaceted fitness company helping trainers with their careers as well as helping clients reach their health and fitness goals.


We are open to anyone – whether you’re in shape or not, young or old, athletes or couch potatoes, our personal trainers will tailor the science to you personally and help you achieve your goals. In addition to training, we also offer nutrition consultation via ToneUp the nutrition App and 24/48 hour food logs. We can help you understand your food choices and consult on how to change your eating habits.

Clients will have a choice of a male or female trainer. Trainer’s in Training (TNT) have 3 months of personal training experience while master trainers have over a year of experience. TNT’s will train you with supervision from the more experienced and are able to offer reasonably priced training. Training styles range from weight loss, high intense cardio training, sport specific, injury prevention, nutritional guidance and program designs. We also have bootcamp classes that feature battle ropes, BOSU balls, medicine balls, agility ladder and more!

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