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Welcome to Show Up Fitness, Santa Monica & Dublin Ca PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING.

Congratulations, you’ve done the hardest part which is SHOWING UP!

Show Up Fitness is a 1-1 private personal training studio that has been a huge success with our motto “WINNING THE WEEK.” In Santa Monica, and Dublin CA, we focus on four resistance training sessions every week. When you WIN THE WEEK, you’ll be setting yourself up for success by developing a more efficient metabolism- the more muscle you have, the better machine you’re becoming. Do you every wonder why your programs in the past have not been successful? Does lots of cardio and caloric restriction sound familiar? This is the perfect recipe to lower your metabolism, store fat, and degrade your muscles aka your body becomes LESS EFFICIENT! Sign up today for your free consultation to learn how you can begin to win the week by working 1-1 with California’s best Personal Trainers.

Private Personal Training

What is Show Up Fitness

All Show Up Fitness personal trainers have graduated a twelve month personal training school and are well versed in: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, bio-mechanics. and nutrition.

Did you know the average personal trainer takes a test online, or at a testing center, and doesn’t understand human movement? At Show Up Fitness, you’ll be working with educated, fun, and experienced personal trainers who will tailor a program for you to be successful. Each prospective client goes through a one hour complimentary personal training assessment. We learn about YOUR goals, YOUR body, and educate YOU within a realistic time frame. At Show Up Fitness, we focus on WINNING THE WEEK! Show Up today to find out more.

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*I've been training with Chris for almost a year. I've literally transformed my body and self-image. I thought I was cursed with a pop-sickle stick shape, but he proved me wrong! His booty transformations are truly amazing. I've had to buy new jeans because my butt won't fit in my old pairs! Love the studio and the friendly and knowledgeable trainers. 5 stars!!!
* Results may vary from person to person.

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