What is Show Up Fitness?



All Show Up Fitness personal trainers have graduated a six month personal training school and are well versed in: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, bio-mechanics. and nutrition.


Did you know the average personal trainer takes a test online, or at a testing center with minimal education in these fields?  It takes more to become a nail technician than it does to become a personal trainer.  

Show Up Fitness is a training company redefining the personal training industry.  We offer 1-1 personal trainer, 90-day transformations (less than five people), and small group classes (BOOTYCAMPS).

How is Show Up Fitness Different?


Winning the Week and Fixing your S.P.I.N.E.

Each prospective client goes through a one hour complimentary personal training assessment.  We learn about YOUR goals, YOUR body, and educate YOU within a realistic time frame.  At Show Up Fitness, we focus on WINNING THE WEEK, a term coined from the founders book, “The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss.”  If you lift weights four out of seven days in the week, you’re setting yourself up for SUCCESS!  

At Show Up Fitness we understand that there are challenges to be faced on the path to weight loss, performance, wellness, and happiness. We focus on fixing your S.P.I.N.E. to help clients attain their goals realistically (Sleep, Stress, Sex, Psychology, Injuries, Nutrition and Exercise). This acronym represents the physical and psychological obstacles that individuals face during their lives. 

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