What is Show Up Fitness?

Show Up Fitness is a training company redefining the personal training industry.  We are the best.  Are you frustrated because you can’t see your abs? Are your arms and legs lacking definition? Do you want to perk up your butt? Still struggling with doing a pull-up? Tired of being called skinny fat? Have you tried a trainer who makes you workout more and eat less? Stop all that non-sense and learn to exercise properly- Show Up Fitness is for YOU! You’re going to learn how to squat, press, dead-lift, hip thrust, sprint, and jump properly. Every Show Up Fitness trainer has over six-months of hands on training in anatomy, physiology, nutrition and bio-mechanics. We GUARANTEE that we can help you achieve your individualized goals in a respectable time period. The past is the past, it’s time for you to SHOW UP!

Show Up Fitness (SUF) is an independent personal training company in Dublin, CA AND Santa Monica, CA. Being an instructor at a personal training school, Chris (owner) has graduated some of the best trainers in California. Every master trainer has a minimum of six months of extensive classroom work in anatomy, physiology, injuries, corrective exercise, fat loss, metabolic diseases, cardiac disease, bio-mechanics and nutrition. Alongside the team of SUF trainers, are also Trainer’s In Training (TNT). These trainers are currently in the six month personal training program and interning to gain practical experience before they graduate. SUF offers some of the most reasonable personal training rates in all of California.

We at Show Up Fitness understand that there are challenges to be faced on the path to weight loss, performance, wellness and happiness. SUF utilizes the acronym S.P.I.N.E. to help clients attain their goals (Sleep, Stress, Sex, Psychology, Injuries, Nutrition and Exercise). This acronym represents the physical and psychological obstacles that individuals face during their lives. SUF teaches bootcamps, corrective exercise clinics, and personally train anyone and everyone from athletes, overweight kids and parents, pre/post pregnancy, retirees, and special needs. We strive to create awareness for our clients to discover those things in their lives that are preventing them from attaining their ideal weight, muscle tone, flexibility and energy levels.”

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